Family Faith Formation Outline

“For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures (1 Corinthians 15:3-4).”

Hello everyone,

clarification: we are NOT doing online classes for the kids. We may do so for the adults. We are NOT doing in person classes either. It will be a homeschool model with a robust support structure around it. 

This is a NEW idea that I haven’t seen done elsewhere. So, I understand the confusion. I would ask you to trust me and please register (it’s free and you have nothing to lose). Rest assured, I have your spiritual and physical health in the forefront of my mind.

I want to take a moment to sketch out my plan for this coming year of Parish Family Faith Formation. I can’t stress this enough: it is NOT going to be online classes.
Some main points:

  1. It will NOT be online classes. 
    • This is definitively not the direction I feel that we should go.
    • Transmitting the Faith is a holistic apprenticeship, not a class. 
    • If you are learning to be a blacksmith, you train under a blacksmith. The same is true in the Church. 
      • Ideally, we foster the Faith in our children at home and this is confirmed and renewed by non-parent mentors which model the Faith to your children as well. 
  2. Whether you homeschool or not, you have a place in our parish. 
  3. Parents are the primary educators of their children in the Faith. 
    • I will do my best to support you in this role and give you all the tools necessary to teach and model the Faith at home with confidence.
  4. Marriage and Family Support is important – 
    • I will be developing ways to engage everyone and help to strengthen the bonds of marriage and family in the domestic church.
  5. Our parish is comprised of many domestic churches
    • We do not live in a silo and must have ways to engage with one another, inspire one another, comfort one another, and strengthen and lift one another up. 
    • This is what a parish family does.
  6. Catechesis is a small part of the overall mentor-ship in the Faith. It must be put into the broader context. 
    • This happens at the parish.
    • That being said, I have a substantive curriculum plan for this year to offer you. 
  7. I want to do large group events that can take place in the church, when possible. 
    • One of the ideas I had was doing a Latin Novus Ordo on a First Friday. 
    • Or doing a park day. 
    • Or doing a Holy Hour. 
    • Or all of the above. 
  8. Using Kendra Tierney’s Catholic All Year, I’d like us to swap ideas on how best to live the Church’s calendar at home.
  9. I would like to group families into smaller units, based on location possibly, to be prayer partners and support one another in a particular way.
  10. I have developed a monthly plan for devotionals to dive into each month in a particular way.
    • It would be awesome to do this together as a parish family.
  11. I will be having ongoing catechesis for the parents in the form of webinars (in-person classes at a later time) to continue our own faith formation.
  12. I also want to develop a Catholic Scouting Alternative in our parish for boys and another one for girls (albeit, I will need some of the women to step up to offer the girls something good!) based on our altar boy and sacristan girl programs.
  13. The Sacraments are, of course, vital. Preparation for the Sacraments will largely be done at home with help and resources from me. But we will also be living these realities together in the parish setting.

For those of you that know me, you know that I am not taking this COVID situation lying down. God is giving us the chance to be what He has called us to be, even now. Despite the circumstances, let us band together and be the Church that God calls us to be. Let us support one another in this spiritual battle. 

I hope you will join me!

Please visit or see the forms below to sign up today. We are NOT doing online classes. And I have more than even what is listed planned for this coming year. 
God bless,

Will Wright

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